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Sustainable Fisheries

We have a strong focus on sustainability – and are working hard to become even better.
Both when it comes to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

More about sustainability

Working together for environmentally and socially sustainable fisheries

The Danish fisheries are very diverse but certainly have one thing in common: they are based on sustainable exploitation of the resources so healthy marine ecosystems is ensured for future generations to come.

Since 1990, Danish fisheries have reduced CO2 emissions by 60%. Moreover, Danish fisheries are known for the high level of social and safe working conditions. A very high priority for the Danish Fishers PO.

Sustainable fisheries and a clean marine environment

The Danish fishers are proud suppliers of sustainable fish and shellfish products – and a clean environment is the cornerstone for any sustainable fishery.

Therefore, the fishers work for a healthy marine ecosystem by:

  • Following the yearly quotas, decided by the EU following advise from The International Council for the Exploration at SEA (ICES). The fishing quotas ensure a sustainable use of the resources and prevent overfishing of the stocks.

  • Working with the MSC-label. Today Denmark is one of the leading countries on sustainability labelling of the Certifying Danish fisheries is no small task, but the Danish Fishers PO’s work on this means that Danish fishers can land most of their catches with the blue MSC label.

  • Cleaning up the sea. The Danish fishers generally bring all the waste that they catch into harbours. No fishing crates are left behind due to a unique tracking system. And furthermore, we work to ensure that our fisheries maintain and develop good practices for waste handling at sea and to minimize the loss of fishing gears or net cuttings

Role model on social condition

A fisher’s life has been associated with risk, and only 30-40 years ago working conditions were often relatively primitive. Since then, things have improved considerably.

Today Denmark is at the forefront of social sustainability by…

  • Collective agreement about decent payment and working conditions. Together with the Danish Pelagic PO, the Danish Fishers has a collective agreement with 3F. It secures Danish fishers’ rights with respect to wage, holiday, working conditions and pension contribution, and it ensures basic rights of free movement and a healthy and safe working environment for those in the fishery. It also prevents social dumping

  • Focus on safety at sea. The Danish Fishermen’s Occupational Health Council work to improve fishers’ safety and prevent accidents. The aim is to maintain a healthy and safe working environment – physically and mentally.

  • Good education of fishers. Fishers are educated at North Sea College in Thyborøn. The Danish Fishers PO is on the board and guarantees traineeships on the vessels. One unique thing is that the fishing industry collectively pays the trainees whilst in education and training. Many fishers choose to study further at the Skipper School in Skagen to become a skipper.

  • The fishers own insurance company. Danish fishers have established their own insurance company. The company is mutual, which means that they are owned by the fishers who are insured in the company. It ensures easy and affordable access to insurance schemes for Danish fisheries.