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Danish Fishers PO

Danish Fishers PO brings together Danish fishers.  We cooperate with local fisheries associations and more than 600 vessels are members of DFPO.
This makes us one of the largest Producer Organisations in the European Union.

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The Fishers of Denmark

Our fishers and fisheries are wide-ranging. Inshore fishers, industrial fishers, bottom net fishers, Norway lobster fishers and mussel fishers – the Danish Fishers PO represents them all, both large, medium, and small vessels.

We have a strong focus on sustainability – and are constantly working to become even better. Both when it comes to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

For codfish, flatfish and shellfish, our fishers account for 90 per cent of Danish catches. We help secure up to 16,000 jobs, especially around the port communities, and contribute with large export earnings to ensure Danish prosperity.

That is why we call ourselves the Fishers of Denmark.

Danish Fishers PO
work towards

  • Sustainable fisheries for healthy and climate-friendly food

  • A healthy marine environment

  • To promote community in the Danish fishing ports, create dialogue and cooperation across borders

  • Greater responsibility to the fishing industry

  • The best possible working conditions for Danish fishers and world-class social sustainability

  • That biological advice ensures that fishing opportunities reflect actual stock trend