Danish fishers require action by the Ministry of Environment


Maersk Oil, which is now owned by French Total, has for years derived the toxic chemical Scavtreat 7103 in the North Sea.

In total, according to Danish Broadcasting Corporation, 80.000 tonnes have been discharged since 2005 - and this worries Danish fishermen who are dependent on a healthy marine environment.

- We are currently experiencing that all the important fish stocks are under heavy pressure in the southern part of the North Sea. This may be due to many factors, including climate change, but it cannot be conducive to the marine environment to pump toxins into the sea, says Jesper Juul Larsen, Esbjerg, who is chairman of the Southwestern Fisheries Association.

Action is needed, and he therefore urges the Danish Minister for Environment - Lea Wermelin - to take proper action against the polluters based on the “polluter pays” principle.

At the same time, the Minister should involve both the environmental experts at Aarhus University and the biologists at the Technical University of Denmark in in-depth studies of the influence of oil production on the fish stocks.

Danish fishermen have for many years been aware of the large use of chemicals in the extraction of oil from the Danish part of the North Sea. But they have been told that all permits have been in order and that the oil extraction has not been harmful to the marine environment.

- When it now emerges that Maersk Oil has discharged 80.000 tons of toxins, and that it has no consequences, neither for Total nor for the supplier of the chemicals, we must ask whether the Danish environmental authorities have control over what is going on in the North Sea, says Jesper Juul Larsen and adds:

- It may be surprising that Maersk Oil had problems with the chemical Scavtreat 7103 until a certain date in 2005, but that after that date the chemical worked perfectly, and that Maersk Oil did not ask or was told that the composition had changed in the composition. This is not how we used to know A.P. Moller - Maersk and Maersk Oil from the many years in Esbjerg.

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