The Danish Fishermen PO

A proud profession in rapid development

Every day the members of Danish Fishermen PO go out to fish, so you can get cod, haddock, Norway lobster and many other types of fish on the dinner table. We also catch fish that are turned into fishmeal and fish oil. All high quality and with focus on high sustainability.


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The local Cohesion


The fishermen are mainly to be found in the outer areas of Denmark; especially in northern and western Jutland and on the smaller islands.
Here, the importance of fishing cannot be underestimated, as there are few other job opportunities and a decline in the population.
Local business is dependent on fishing - either directly or indirectly by subcontractors and local consumption.

We are

Among the largest Producer Organisations in Europe

700 vessels, of which 500 are below 17 metres

32 local associations across Denmark

In 2018, the members of Danish Fishermen PO accounted for more than 65 percent of the gross turnover in Danish fisheries. The fishermen made a total turnover of 290 million Euros.